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Empatia is a project aimed at improving the mental health of Ukrainians displaced by the war. Our team consists of experts in mental health, cross-cultural communication and program development.

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Історія програми
Цей проект створено для українців, які були змушені переїхати в Нідерланди через війну
Опис того, що саме робить ваша компанія та чому це важливо. Опис того, що саме робить ваша компанія та чому це важливо. Опис того, що саме робить ваша компанія та чому це важливо. Опис того, що саме робить ваша компанія та чому це важливо.
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Our goals

This program was created for Ukrainians who were forced to move to the Netherlands because of the war

  • Developing guidelines for Dutch Mental Healthcare Institutions
  • To provide curative and preventive care
  • Matching Ukrainian psychologists with healthcare institutions and municipalities
  • Ensuring displaced Ukrainians are aware of, referred to and use the curative and psychosocial support services
  • Providing direct-online psycho-social support and information for displaced people via hotline
  • Providing cultural specific advice to GGD, GGZ, and municipalities also in form of trainings
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Our parnters
The Dutch Council for Refugees supports refugees and asylum seekers from the moment of their arrival in the Netherlands until they have found their way independently.
Matches non-native (and often displaced) Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) to non-native (and often displaced) people who need psychological help.

PsyGlobal ensures that these MHPs get a paid job in a Mental Health Organization (MHO) in the Netherlands that matches their education and cultural background. At
the same time, PsyGlobal ensures that people who do not master the Dutch language and are not familiar with Dutch culture can quickly access funded preventive and curative mental healthcare in their native language
LOOP partner
Loket Ontheemden Oekraïne PSH (LOOP) is the regional information, referral, and advice center for professionals working with displaced persons from Ukraine.

Professionals and parties involved can contact  LOOP with information questions, to find a suitable range of psychosocial assistance and for a good picture of the psychosocial needs in the shelter and the answers to these.

The LOOP bundles relevant information, knowledge and networks in the field of  psychosocial help and makes it accessible to stakeholders. We also help promote psychosocial support by raising awareness.